Marketing – Business Degree Study Using iFlipTips – iPhone/iPad Study App

With an average starting salary of over $40,000, marketing graduates get a good deal in today’s employment market. As more and more students realize this, however, the field is becoming more competitive, and a marketing degree in itself isn’t enough to guarantee you a job. To make sure you get the edge over other marketing graduates, you need good college exam results. Achieving the results you need might feel like a lot of pressure, but there are tools you can use to help.

How iFlipTips can help you study

IFlipTips is one of these tools. It is a note-taking app from TECHtionary that will revolutionize the way you study. Using iFlipTips, you can create digital flash cards that will change the way you learn. Not only does iFlipTips help you retain information faster, but you’ll also be able to recall the information you’ve learned quicker when it counts – in your exams.

iFlipTips is divided up into three sections: iTipsIdeas, iFlipCards and iFlipSlides. Each section helps you memorize the information you need to learn in a different way and, used in combination, they make sure that you have memorized everything thoroughly.

The app is simple to use and has an intuitive interface, but is still highly effective as a study tool. After all, you want a system that you can pick up quickly instead of one that takes a couple of weeks to get used to. That allows you to focus on learning your exam material instead of learning how to use the app.


Each type of card in iFlipTips can contains text, an image, and an audio clip. These different types of format are perfect for people with different learning styles. They can also help you get to grips with complex marketing models and systems using diagrams and videos instead of just learning the information from a textbook. When you come across a diagram you need to learn, simply take a picture of it and save it in an iTipsIdeas card for later.


iTipsIdeas cards enable you to create bite-sized digital study cards. These cards are highly versatile: not only can you use them to create study notes but you can also use this section to save and organize notes from lectures and classes.


iFlipCards are useful for testing what you’ve learned before an exam. These cards are similar to flip-style flashcards you might have used to learn languages in school. On one side, write the question or prompt then, on the other side, write the answer.

Creating mock exams out of these cards can help you test which facts you know and which need more work, giving you a chance to fill any gaps in your knowledge before the big day.


iFlipSlides enables you to create professional-looking slideshows straight from your iPhone or iPad. Useful for class presentations and displays, you can also use the slideshows to enhance your studying.


The newest feature of iFlipTips enhances your learning even further. The calendar helps you create a study plan, so in the lead up to an exam period you can set out exactly what you need to learn, and on which dates. Then, the app sends a push notification each day, so you get a helpful reminder when it’s time to hit the books. It is, we think, the only calendar from any developer with icons (see image to the right) with more than 150 icons to help you remember events, meetings and anything easier.

Here’s the newest feature called iFlipPads which are multi-media note cards which you can share via Facebook, Twitter, email and Linkedin. You can add you own pics or select from your albums and add notes or scribble drawings.ifliptipspro-iPad-4

Calljacking Smartphone Spyware – The 10 Dumbest Risks People Take With Their Smartphones


There are many “free apps” but disguised as really ad-ware or advertiser supported apps. However, some of the ads may also contain spyware which as you will read below can attack your mobile device. There are also reports of “calljacking” where calls are intercepted/redirected or obscene/hate content is injected into the call. Here’s a highlight from the article. abcnews



#7 – #Downloading “free” apps that aren’t actually free. Some Apps that call themselves “free” are actually little more than thinly-disguised data thieves. Downloading one gives the app complete access to your phone, which a fraudster can use to steal your credit card and bank account info. Such apps also can turn your phone into a launch pad from which scammers can attack other peoples’ phones with SMS texts and Smishing scams.” Bottom-line – don’t dismiss paying for a fee for an app or the free app can cost you a lot more. Click on the ABCNews icon for the complete list.

The following for those technically-inclined to want to know more details or can’t believe what ABC News is reporting. The details of the SIP-session initiation protocol session, such as the type of media, codec, or sampling rate, are not described using SIP. Rather, a SIP message contains a description of the session, encoded in some other protocol format. One such format is the SDP-Session Description Protocol (RFC 2327). Within the SDP message are descriptions such as Session Description Protocol Security Descriptions (SDES) for authentication and encrypted media streams used with SRTP-Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (RFC-3711). SRTP-secure realtime transport protocol is referred to as a “profile” or extension of RTP/RTCP and provides security services for both protocols. SRTP is also a “bump or shim (wedge) in the stack” referring to the OSI-Open Systems Interconnection Model implementation. That is, SRTP resides between RTP-Real-time Transport Protocol and RTCP-Real-time Transport Control Protocol found Application Layer 7 and UDP-User Datagram Protocol in Transport Layer 5. SRTP works by intercepting or “bumping” RTP packets and then forwards an equivalent SRTP packet on the sending side, and intercepts SRTP packets and passes an equivalent RTP packet up the stack on the receiving side. The “key” to SRTP is the Authentication Tag and the Master Key Identifier. The Authentication Tag provides authentication of the RTP header and payload. That is, if both encryption and authentication are applied, encryption is applied before authentication on the sender side and conversely on the receiver side. The MKI-Master Key Identifier identifies the master key from which the session key(s) were derived that authenticate and/or encrypt the particular packet. SRTP uses two types of keys: session keys for the content and master keys like the lock on your door.

Message (content) and Digital Certificate are encrypted (scrambled such taking words and turning them into unreadable characters like (*&(*^$#^dr u^w$% wsx c(&tudhc @$@rqagxj cf*^r <poiy169nvjfedy) using a private key or public key encryption methods (see next) and passwords. This creates “hash” (like chopped corn-beef hash) unreadable code characters with a nonce (n-random time stamp or other randomly generated code or word sent once) and User A sends data via Internet SMTP-Simple Mail Transport Protocol or some other email protocol to User B.

Here’s a little more on keys:
– Public key – uses a key (means of “scrambling” or encryption) from a public source but still has its own “grooves” or codes to scramble the content or message. There are many types of encryption such as PGP-Pretty Good Privacy which has 2 to the 1024 (two followed by 24 zeroes) power “grooves” or key combinations, 56-bit, single-key DES encryption, or others that support the much stronger 168-bit, three-key Triple DES-Data Encryption Standard – AES-Advanced Encryption Standard (tunnel) to encrypt files. – Private key – create your own “skeleton” key which no else knows about.

A little more on security: Encryption keys are like door keys, there are many different kinds. They include, but are not limited to: – Simple passwords – family nicknames, etc. – Challenge access such as check your callerID or callback to certain places like your home number or cardkey ID random number generators – Cookies – stateless to verify membership – Nonce – something that changes often like the time, or specific IP-Internet Protocol address or server name or some other randomly generated code we agree on before hand “secret handshake”

In the end, SRTP is a great tool for adding yet another layer of security to internet communications and telephony. However, having the same keys, encryption and other matters also involves internet routing and firewalls which also adds another layer of management in this process.

SPIT-spam over internet telephony
SPIT-spam over internet telephony

Some SIP trunking providers add SRTP with support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) which encrypts the SIP signaling making it nearly impossible for anyone to reassemble the media stream whether it be voice, video or other SIP-based media.* Together, this powerful SRTP-TLS combination protects media from being overheard by unauthorized persons, providing an extremely high level of security for live real-time media streams. Using TLS and SRTP to encrypt signaling and media traversing the Internet effectively stops eavesdroppers, hackers and spoofers.


There is also a term I coined, called “calljacking” where calls are intercepted/redirected or obscene/hate content is injected into the call. Click on either image for indepth animated tutorial on calljacking and internet security.

In addition, SRTP support all of the security features available within the SIP standard to ensure that the enterprise retains control over their network. Among these features some offer an IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System) capability to prevent intrusion, DoS-denial of service attacks and service theft.
*Editor note: voice, telephony or other unified communications will be just a minor feature.


Job Interviews Using iFlipTipsPro – iPhone/iPad App – FlipCards for Job Interviews Q&A

Along with ringing in the New Year, spring suggests a fresh semester with new responsibilities and a compact period of hard-working months. No matter what year you are in with your college education, regardless of any experience you are a part of now or anticipate being in, a good understanding of the application process is essential to your professional repertoire. Many students think they have a solid summary of their skill-set, but then wonder why their applications are overlooked. Rather than stay camouflaged in a sea of trying students, stand out above the water with the help of iFlipTipsPro. This app from TECHtionary will greatly assist in not just your academic pursuits, but professional goals as well.

Render The Perfect Resume

Businessteam at a meetingThe three-point rule to remember: concise, eye-catching, and clear. In order for you to organize your resume, use iFlipSlides which will help you to sort each slide (main point) into the correct format for either a functional or standard resume. College students will run into a lot of jobs that ask the applier to demonstrate their understanding of a certain skill set. However, many students do not have direct experience with this skill because they are just starting out. A functional resume will be the chosen organizational format for these students because it puts talents related to the skill in question, first, instead of past jobs. The key to organizing your resume is highlighting the vital information that will catch an employer’s attention. That being said, a standard resume will be a typical format of related past work first.

Include contact information such as your address, email, and phone number. Include education – a G.P.A. is not required to state if it’s not up to par quite yet, but it’s helpful if you do have one to boast about. Include the objective – be specific. When you do your research on jobs in your field, look for specific occupational titles associated with the type of work you are aiming to do. Since a lot of resumes are submitted online, there is no limit to how many applicants there are for one single job. Employers sift through these resumes by keyword searches. So use iFlipIdeas to store phrases, words, and a contact profile with pictures and emails linked to jobs you apply for. Keep these phrases all separated by different folders for each ad or company you inquire about. That way, it’s super easy to refer to these when tailoring your resume for different jobs. You’ll have to tweak your resume for each different job you apply for, so it’s good to have recorded voice notes or pictures of details and values about that job. Only include activities, interests, and awards that relate to the job title. The app has a useful folder system for sorting out all the different jobs you apply for.

If you’re sending your resume online, which is the preferred choice for most companies nowadays, make sure to send it in an accessible format like PDF or ‘rich text’. A good program to use for designing this is Microsoft Publisher because it has a lot of different templates and color schemes to choose from in order to personalize your document. But it must be easily viewed, scanned, and printed for the hirer. Also, keep track of the exact titles of ads so that you can integrate these in the ‘subject line’ of emails – just another way to ensure your resume gets pulled up out of the bunch. Another tip is to keep track of all the guidelines for applying that the ad or source provides. A good way to make a bad first impression is by not following the first basic form of instructions before you even are considered for a job. Then, formally reiterate that the resume is attached with the words ‘Attached: resume’ at the bottom of the email or ‘Enclosed: resume’ if submitted physically.

Create A Cool Cover Letter

A cover letter is best with the same three-point rule as is for resumes. Only create them if specified. However, since many applications are now sent through email or online in some way, it’s good to make an even more shorthanded version of one to accompany a memo or comment box – just in case they use it for keyword searches. If you’re applying for a position that doesn’t necessarily have an ad pertaining to it, consider including an introduction that asks if their company could have use for your area of expertise and credentials. Be polite, witty and charming without being overdone. Make sure that there are no grammar or punctuation mistakes. Post it online via Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or email so that you have a second pair of eyes to see things that you wouldn’t. You can do this sharing step with any of the three sections – notes, slides or cards – so that people can critique you and give you more of an upper hand on what to expect for the big day.

A cover letter will have to be made unique to each ad, whereas a resume is only tweaked based on the objective and experience or skill set featured. You’ll want to kick them out pretty quickly and regularly so that you’re not impeding application progress by spending hours on one letter at a time. For your first one, however, it’s reasonable to estimate a longer amount of time to get it down. If the ad does not specify a name to address the application to, then a formal greeting could be ‘Dear Sir/Madame’. Introduce yourself and where/how you found/came across their ad. Tell them which position you’re applying for and what makes you a good candidate using the keywords. End it by thanking them for their time. Be enthusiastic but reserved. If they’ve asked for a full blown letter, this is the prime opportunity to embellish on your strongest qualities. Let them know why you’re combination of skills and talent has prepared you, and how you’d bring something originally positive to the requirements.

For instance, with the second of three short paragraphs, say ‘I’ve been an Honor student in mathematics since my sophomore year in high school earning me a spot on my college’s competitive math team for a year now’. Whatever you say, avoid wordiness, redundancy, and underwhelming sentences – make sure they can see confidence but composure emanating from both your resume and cover letter. This is the step preceding their inquiries to contact you – you’ll have a chance to entice them more in your interview. So don’t butter yourself up in a long, drawn-out and dragging letter (employers normally pass these up if there’s too much reading involved). If you are feeling some sort of need to exaggerate or lie, the position may not be for you – so be sincere!

Imperative Interview Skills

Two young corporates discussingAfter you’ve done your research, have gotten a response back from your submission, and caught the attention of hiring managers, it’s time to polish your interview skills. Remember that at this point in the process, you still have not solidified your obtainment of the position so don’t celebrate quite yet. At the same time, don’t psyche yourself out either. It’s important to maintain an optimistic mind while still staying sharp. Calm your nerves for this big day by practicing some important potential questions. Since you don’t know what they’ll ask you, you must be ready for anything, or have a good plan for being tripped up. A good pattern to follow is to listen openly, act naturally and answer it thoroughly to the best of your ability. If you find yourself in a pickle or a brain blockage – buy yourself time by rewording the question like you would for an essay, or say something like ‘I’ll have to think about that one for a sec’ with a small smile. Make sure you only pause momentarily and use that pause to the fullest in order to rack your thoughts for a good response. Remember that most questions should be easily answered from examples of which you studied a lot in school. If you haven’t directly yet dealt with it or missed that scenario in class one day, then use your creativity and inference skills to muster up something vague but sufficient.

FlipCards for Interviewing Q&A

sales-2-fliptipsUse iFlipCards to ask yourself questions, and then answer them over and over for better attempts. Use the audio tool or video to record yourself in a mock-style interview. Then post them online so that people can respond to them and give you useful feedback. Also, prepare your own set of questions you have about the company and position – do not inquire about salary, vacation days, or benefits unless they bring it up! Those questions will be assessed later in the hiring process.

Here are some useful starter questions to get the juices flowing if you’re drawing a blank: Do I possess strong speech skills? Am I a team player, and do I take the time to understand people’s backgrounds and influences? Am I fit for guiding a group, or do I work best with only individual responsibility? How do I handle overload and conflict? What is my stance on ethics and morals? Am I someone that deals with pressing circumstances like a pro? Am I interested in traveling? Do I need to have a supervisor for encouragement, or am I self motivated? What are my ultimate career goals? These questions can also help navigate you in job searches initially.

Mapping Time & Influential Doodles

ScribbleGrams-iphone-3Then use iFlipCal to schedule all your meetings and steps in the hiring process. It not only sends push notifications through your phone for each professional and academic event, but it’s also useful for social occasions as well. It’s recommended that you schedule times for searching, researching, and applying for jobs like you would set aside allotted time for an average work day so that you can be avid in your pursuits.

Then, use iFlipPads to jot down a few helpful notes with inspirational photo or colorful backgrounds to keep you encouraged and positive, or if you need a pick-me-up before the interview. Write down a list of things you’ll need like a pen, a reference list (which is never required unless specified, but is useful to have on hand regardless), a sample of your work (showcased very neatly) or a portfolio, several copies of your resume, and maybe on-hand direction-notes in case you get lost on your way there (even though you’ll have a full contact profile per company stored in your ideas section). Also, write a note down to remind yourself of thank you letters! Always send something brief and warm to thank them for their time and the opportunity to interview – regardless of whether you got the job or not.

photo (27)Also, the archive section stores all your deleted folders if you discard a job you think won’t materialize, but suddenly get a response from, and need to restore the recorded information. Then organize something fun to do after the interview like treating yourself to a nice meal or going to a movie with friends so that you have something to look forward to, keeping you motivated. It’s nice to reward yourself for the hard work you put into each task, especially in college life. It teaches you that work comes first and fun is later.

This app helps you practice these vital skills and prep wherever you are, so that you can put full focus towards that first great – and continuing – impression to employers. Following the tips above using this app will ensure that you maximize your candidacy for whatever position you’re interested in. Make sure to stay collected and confident, and trust that your instincts, education, and efforts yet, have brought you this far, so only your struggle with inner self-doubt stand between you and your ultimate career ambitions. Don’t stop when you encounter rejection – stamina for achievement will be important, and you’ll need to find strength within yourself to keep at it.


Workout Wear for Chic Tech Chicks

Every once in a while, it’s time for us tech chics to get out from behind our Macs, switch our iPhones to iTunes and hit the gym. Hopefully you’re sitting on an exercise ball for at least a few of those 40+ hours each week but whether you’ve chosen to bounce your way through your day or not, getting the blood pumping is crucial to all office workers. Since we’re all computer nerds here, we buy so much of our clothing digitally and all of these pieces are available to order online.

And you have to look sexy while doing it! Come on, grey sweats and a large white t-shirt you got for free in 2002 aren’t going to cut it. Take your workout wear up a notch with this guide to the hottest trends in workout clothing for women.

Hot workout tops

The wrap top is a classic go-to and must have for any woman who ever plans to go to the gym. It’s stylish and supportive and shows just a tiny bit of cleavage. You can also wear it to work under a sweater, especially with the wrap-V look. The Athena Sports top from Pink Mascara for $68 is one of the best on the market due to the longer length and thicker straps.

And what would a workout wear post be without some support from Nike? Try on this graphic workout tank for $39 with a built-in bra and Dri-fit technology. While we’re not a fan of the lining being polyester, the top still gives great range of motion for excellent elliptical workouts.




Perfect exercise capris

Capris have always been my favorite workout pant. Shorts can bunch or slide when you stretch and long pants can get too hot. Capris are like the Goldilocks of workout wear: they’re just right. Plus,they’re super comfortable when you’re chilling at your computer, blogging on the weekends. This first pair not only has tummy support and a great, fitting shape, but proceeds benefit the Susan G Koman foundation. Pants are $35 from Kohls.

For the serious athlete only, this $100 pair of capris by Vata Brasil is sporty, supportive, chic and colorful. Click here to find them also from Kohls.


Sexy Sports Bras

As the basis for your workout attire, a good, quality sports bra is a must. BUT WAIT. Sports bras are not recommended for computer work due to the strain put on your neck. Try a bra like the Shock Absorber from Zappos for $69. It’s stylish enough to wear by itself on a hot day but works well under any t-shirt or even layered under one of the tanks above. Zappos says it’s for medium impact activities so if you’re planning to run a marathon, it might not be the choice for you. Not to get too graphic, but the less motion you put your ladies through now, the less downward motion you’ll experience as you age.

Also from Zappos is another Nike product: the awesomely colorful Pro Victory. However, this bra is only recommend for C cups and below due to the lighter weight chest band. It comes in a few other great colors but like the Shock Absorber above, it can be worn under a t-shirt or by itself.



Now that you have all of those awesome clothes, you need somewhere to keep them! Enter the hot pink Puma workout bag for $45 from Zappos. It has helpful, convenient and, most importantly, breathable, inner mesh pockets and the whole thing can be tossed in the washer when it gets a little too stinky. The size is just big enough for a laptop or iPad as well so toss in some of your tech gadgets for use before or after your workout.

And, in case you want something more intimate for your iphone.


Don’t let working out dictate your wardrobe and don’t reach for your boyfriend’s basketball shorts next time you’re headed to the gym!

*Photos courtesy of Zappos, Kohls and Pink Mascara via RewardStyle. Author is a RewardStyle authorized blogger.



Gossip Ruining Your Business/Life – The Accelerated Velocity of Terminal Inexactitude

We all know that dull news travels like a snail mail and gossip faster than warp drive. One of our favorite examples comes from the all-too-true movie Easy A starring Emma Stone. Three times in the movie, the director shows us the speed of gossip which Emma calls The Accelerated Velocity of Terminal Inexactitude. In this two part series we explore the “hit like a tornado” impact of bad gossip and next time we will explore how to create “buzz” to warp drive your message for maximum impact for the better. Photo Courtesy Sony – click on image for movie.

Denise Lones, founder and owner of the successful real estate marketing group The Lones Group, was in the midst of building a successful business when she noticed a competitor was using a trademark that looked suspiciously similar to her zebra-themed trade dress. When she confronted the competing business about it, she found herself blindsided by the reaction. False accusations, a lawsuit and personal threats occurred in rapid fire succession, causing great personal stress and damage to her business’s reputation.

A successful business results from hard work and effective business-building techniques. One of the most important business-building techniques is a solid reputation. As you’ve worked on the growth of your business, no doubt, you’ve worked equally hard to establish a positive and solid reputation, too. A good reputation in the business community and with your customers requires effort, a focus on customer satisfaction and effective marketing campaigns.

When a disgruntled/dishonest former employee, an unhappy customer or a person who wants to sabotage your success starts spreading gossip and negativity about your business, it can quickly damage the reputation you’ve worked so hard to earn. According to Entrepreneur Magazine Online, technology can cause this type of damage to quickly increase as false information begins to dominate computer search engine results pertaining to your business. The sooner you put an end to gossip and begin working on repairing the damage caused by it, the more quickly you can regain your excellent reputation. Include these considerations in your plans as you clean up the damage and prevent it from progressing.

  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words. The Shady Maple Smorgasbord, a Mennonite-owned restaurant in Pennsylvania, was threatened by boycotts and loss of business when they were falsely accused of denying military members service in their restaurant. Even though Mennonites are known for their stance against military action, the Shady Maple was always happy to serve those fighting for our country. To counteract the damaging rumor, the owners offered a 25 percent Veteran’s Day discount to active military members as well as veterans. Their positive action worked. More than 17,000 customers dined at the restaurant over a two-day period, showing that actions have incredible power to dispel falsehoods.
  • Counteract With Positivity. Use your business’s blog, email newsletters and social media venues to spread positive reviews and feedback from customers, vendors and employees. The more you can do to build your positive image, the sooner gossip will fade to the background. Next week we try to get our arms around that concept, though often good buzz gossip is just luck that someone notices all the good you do.
  • Consult Professional Damage Control. Companies such as Profile Defenders, and your business legal counsel and others that offer businesses the service of conducting damage control and helping to rebuild a positive reputation. By optimizing search engine keywords and terms, and producing effective business-building blog posts and social media content, companies of this nature can help your business regain previous status by generating content that sheds a more positive light on your business.

Recovering from the damage caused by gossip and false accusations can be difficult at best and traumatic at worst. Doing your best to repair your business reputation is not just a matter of necessity; it’s often a matter of principle, too. There’s no reason why someone else’s malicious behavior should ruin years of hard work.

In addition to being proactive, these steps can help you clean up the mess created by gossip and restore the reputation you worked so hard to build.

BieEyesPro New “Photobooth” Features


BiEyes new Pro version ($0.99) has the new cool photobooth features such as below. Click here for Itunes.


– PhotoBooth – take from 2-8 pics and see them in a classic “photo strip” style and then save or share them.

– BiPads – capture photos, art freehand drawings, images, add multi-color multi-size pen stylus to “finger paint” and draw images to your pics, edit, erase, add captions and share them via email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

– Timer – lets you set the time interval from 10, 20 or 30 seconds to let you “get into the pic” yourself.

BiEyesPro is an innovative iPhone/iPad photo app that allows you to take pics with both cameras at the same time called SNAP or POSE where user takes one pic and then another. Then the user can see them in 11+ image formats such as screen-in-screen, “blended” together, corners and many others as well as save them in your Galley and/or share them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and email.

You can use a “selfie stick” in Pose mode.

bieyes 1004 bieyes 1005 bieyes 1003 bieyes 1001BiEyes is part of a family of apps including iFlipTips, iSleepTrack, RewardsVIPClub, and many others from TECHtionary.

Selfies – Top-10 Reasons Why Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Photo Courtesy – University PrimeTime

uniprimetimeselfie-hg-710x434bieyes-photobooth-728x90-E&M-yellowSelf portraits and images are nothing new. Since ancient times artisans have painted themselves and even the great impressionists painted themselves when they wanted to express themselves and show a deeper self. Look at VanGogh’s self portrait and tell me if you don’t see his pain. Today we have smartphones making them ideal tools for self photography called “selfies.” Inspired by our friends and news articles, we came up with our own Top-10 reasons for selfies with yourself and with friends. #SelfieSunday girls are more than just one day but every day. One of the recent stories on selfies appeared on The Ellen Show where she and the sorority sisters of DG at ASU took a selfie for charity (click on image for the show).

ellen-Here are some of our Top-10 reasons for taking selfies:

10. Show Off Hot Bods/Boobs/Butts – As the saying goes, “if you got it flaunt it” – so show the best of what you have to all your friends.

9. Beach Ready Bods – Working hard at the gym getting that hardbody, fitness, getting ready for the beach, resort or vacation trip selfies show your chiseled trim bod needs, no demands to be shared with boys, wannabe boys and to show your girl friends your bod is better than theirs. Competition is stiff so why not show all the work you are doing to get hot.

42770923_s9. Jealousy – Show selfies want to show off to your ex, or someone else to prove that the guy is missing out on something great. Random bold lipstick and full body selfies really give this away!


20906650_s8. New Do – Have a new fashion, style, and look just want to share it.

38772434_s7. Beauty-Makeup – You face is what everyone sees first and stays with them if it looks great so take your time to do your makeup and then take the pic to share and even show your sexy side.


bieyes-photobooth-728x90-E&M-yellow6. Self-Centered – Though there are many reasons why we love ourselves but it doesn’t take much to do it and gives you reason to look good, stay health and be happy.



43404602_s5. Chanel — #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) – As Coco Chanel reportedly once said, “if it’s a lousy dress, they will look at the dress, if it’s a great fashion, they will look at you. So, get your Chanel game on and get a great outfit of the day!

42328562_s4 – Sharing – Whats a great pic without sharing it with your soul mates, friends, fans and even some frenemies to show them you are having fun and they should join you at the party, hookup or even just envy you.



3. To Get Attention – Girls that feel insecure (also the girls who post a selfie everyday) or just need plain old attention. They post pictures to get a lot of likes and comments to feel special. Constant duck faces and serious faces are all for wanting attention.

29332299_s2. Confidence ! – Girls suffer more from confident than almost any other emotion because it is hard to show confidence good or bad. Showing confidence builds confidence arrogance and being confidence helps “lift all boats.” Confidence leads to kindness as it is hard to be mad when you feel great !


1. Fun – “Girls just want to have fun” is a lifestyle and having more fun, parties, going wild and living life to the fullest. Showing others you are fun is a great way to show you really are having a good time.

Get BiEyes for taking and sharing selfies today !

bieyes-photobooth-728x90-E&M-pinkBieyes also has Photobooth photostrip features when you want to take a selfie with a friend.

IMG_5396 IMG_5395really-reallogomedsminder-girl

MedsMinders App Approved for iPhone and iPad

app_store_icon-300x104 MedsMinders is an iPhone/iPad app designed to help/aid users and caregivers in managing their medications, therapy, diets, drugs, pain, therapies, healing, infections, prescriptions, scripts, treatments, allergies, vitamins, herbs, herbals, supplements, health aids and other medical, health, alternative medicine to provide reminders and alerts for users, patients, therapist, pharmacists, practitioners, family members, caregivers, and other health aid helpers to reduce side effects, disease, effects, injury, impact, emergencies, trauma and other impacts.

MedsMinders is also designed specifically for those over-40 and others who are visually-challenged and with near blind eyesight. With extra large fonts for both iPhone and iPad; MedsMinders is designed to be used without the need for “readers” (reading glasses).
For example, according to the FDA-Food and Drug Administration, “a majority of patients reported experiencing at least one side effect due to their medication (86.19%) resulting 60% lower complete adherence and significantly increased dropout rate of 74%.

MedsMinders is part of a family of apps including BiEyes, iFlipTips, iSleepTrack, RewardsVIPClub, and many others from TECHtionary.
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Sugar Baby Dating Living The Lifestyle

Living the Lifestyle As A Sugar Baby Dating

iStock_000018701022XSmallThe scenario of wealthier, older men and women dating broke and younger socialites in an agreement of companionship and payment has been around for a long time. The only difference is that it has just recently come out of taboo. This type of relationship used to be somewhat unspoken. It used to be understood through intentions and outward appearances: a man tipping the valet in twenties, and glancing at his dense, gold incrusted watch as he lifts it to a drooped brow beneath designer sun glasses; and the vibrant beauty in the corner café across the street that entices him with her bouncy locks and shapely physique radiating with youth. Then, through ‘casual’ and strategic conversation, it becomes clear what both parties want and what they are willing to give in order to gain it. It’s flirtatious and sexy and informative all rolled into one. But now, there’s more of a cutting-to-the-chase type of approach to this particular dating scene.

Now, there’s an entire slew of websites dedicated to helping you find a suitable match with a defined arrangement. People are much more upfront about their desires – sex appeal or money, and much more frank about their offerings – courting or money. There’s a level of consideration for both people that takes away any fears of rejections, tenseness, or awkwardness in this sort of agreement that the sites have brought out in this type of dating. The following are three sugar babies’ accounts of sugar dating reality.

“I Needed Him, And He Needed Me.”

I was 20, and I’d never been away from home. I had never planned on attending college after graduating high school… in fact I hadn’t really planned on doing a whole lot – at least not then. The last job I held was working cashier at my neighborhood car washing service for ten months before I missed two shifts and couldn’t get anyone to cover them for me, and was fired. I had no goals or ambitions, and had been without a job for several months. I had counted on the fact that I’d eventually find my calling, possibly being chosen out of a crowded mall while America’s Next Top Model was in town for casting (like one of the girls from past seasons was), or getting a ridiculously large sum of money for winning the lotto. But since I never bothered to look up casting dates and locations for a coincidental and slim chance to model and rarely bought lotto tickets, I figured that I wasn’t all that determined to do much of anything for myself. I didn’t really need to think about it either. I had hard working parents that were never home, I grew up in a nice suburban home with all my childhood friends, and I didn’t have that jealous streak in me that pushed me to do better because all my friends were doing big things. I just didn’t have a lot to worry about even with the lack of employment. Sure, my parents were always nagging me and attempting to motivate me to at least work; they never had it in their hearts to really punish me for my laziness.

banners6One weekend day though, while I was pretending to job search online when I was really instant messaging my friend on Facebook, my Mom went to take our dog for a walk. I had always parked my car down the street since our front driveway and garage and side streets were pretty packed daily. And that’s when she saw it – my hammy down 1982 Toyota Camry – the passenger side badly crushed and severely scraped. “It’s still drivable though,” I plead with her. “But I am looking for a job!” I retort. Then it’s a guilt trip unlike anything I’ve faced, and all my mistakes, character flaws, and selfish acts are unveiled in a furious frenzy of name calling and accusations that ends with my booting from home. I stay with friends until I eventually ware out my welcome there as well, mooching off of their families while I struggle to seriously find a job that sticks. But nothing works nor pays enough. I’m a theater attendant for 25 hours weekly here, slaving away at a string of fast food joints there, and then ricocheting off of numerous gas stations and countless retail stores.

This chaotic and unsettling turmoil of varied homes, jobs and unsteady pay checks goes on for a while, until I find myself catching the eye of one brilliantly shiny suit and tie – I mean eye. Interviewing at one of the many restaurants I’ve applied to, a man with bristly facial hair, polished dress shoes and appears to be twice my age, smiles from across the hostess podium. He’s with another guy in a suit that seems to be talking his ear off, and has a very serious and stern look on his face. They are led to a table some ways from me, where the intriguing man is continuously peeking over at me from behind his menu. I blush, flash a small smirk, and then I wait outside after my interview is over, enjoying a cheap fag – one of my many expenses that I indulge in, necessarily, instead of paying rent to my gracious friends’ parents.

Mr. Big Spender finally comes out, sees his colleague into a taxi, and walks leisurely over to me. Flirty small talk turns into coffee which turns in several lunch dates which soon turns into me moving in to his master suite hotels with him and traveling all year-long to exotic locales and European villas. I stroked his ego a lot and made him feel as special as he made me feel. I tended to his every emotional desire and put up with his moody episodes. I needed him just as much as he needed me. But his job finally settled him in Michigan, where we moved in the dead of winter. When he confessed that there would be no more traveling for his work for a very long time now, I told him that I needed that adventure in my life and that I’d have to find it somewhere else. He was very understanding and knew that the relationship couldn’t last long. He did, however, make several attempts to persuade me to stay, showering me with gifts and lingerie and telling me that he’d always take care of me. But I told him cold weather just wasn’t for me, and all though we cared for each other very much, it was time I moved on. I had found my calling card. I was going to be a professional sugar baby.

woman on beach working on laptop against the seaI set up a profile on several sugar dating sites and formed my own set of rules, restricting myself to one sugar daddy at a time, devoting myself wholly and completely to that one special guy until breaking it off for new horizons. That was the only moral issue I had with the idea – that I couldn’t be with several daddies at once because I liked the idea of living with each one. They are my boyfriends and my work. And I’ve found an interest in painting while on vacation with my recent hunk. He thinks he could sell one of my portraits it to an interested gallery. I may have a future there, but in the meantime…

I don’t know if I’ll ever stop being in the sugar baby business. Maybe I would consider it if I found that one guy that outshines all the rest in his brains and bank account. But I know that if it weren’t for sugar dating, I’m not sure I’d be where I am today, sunning in California without a care in the world – except for my lunch date with Mr. Right Now, who’s my only concern. A job that I can enjoy happy hour every day at noon, conversing with the CEO of a fortune-500 company, loosening his nerves and relaxing my own – that’s the kind of work I enjoy.

bieyes-photobooth-728x90-E&M-pink“I Was A Sugar Baby, Before I Understood Term.”

I’ve always been bright. Top of my graduating high school class, scholarship to my state college, and straight-A student, and living off of student loans, yet I still manage to maintain a wonderful lifestyle. When I was a teenager, I was super popular with all the boys. I always had a boyfriend. And all my boyfriends knew that I was fairly high-maintenance. Even though I came from a very low-income household, living with my Aunt and Uncle, I always had this personality for expensive taste. I liked to be pampered and I never paid for meals or dates. I always got the heavier gifts for holidays on the cash-o-meter, because I could never afford the same for them. It never seemed to bug anyone. At least anyone I was with. I always focused more on my studies rather than working. Right out of high school, I moved in with my boyfriend at the time, into our own apartment. He was working two jobs and skipped on college. But things didn’t work out, and I was looking for a job for the first time to help support myself.

I found a really neat dating site where men were willing to pay me for my time. I found a couple of guys that I really liked. One was a partner in a law firm who knew lots about negotiating and the importance of networking. One was a nerdy engineer who was about the youngest of the bunch, but still older than me, who loved a lot of the same scientific and math topics I did. And one was a much older man who could’ve been old enough to be my great-grandfather who had been a farmer and owned a small ranch in the country, when he’d hit it big in the lottery and became a mega millionaire overnight. They were all so sweet and I’d have three-hour long dinners with them, go to movies, accompany them to business events and country clubs, and sometimes just talk on the phone for hours – when I wasn’t doing my homework, of course. But that’s it. There was no solidifying a relationship. There was no talk or mention of sex. There was no assumption of physical affairs. It was friendship, and I got paid to be a part of it. Between the three of them, I made upwards of 7,000 dollars a month! Neither of them knew the other existed, so I pretty much got paid triple the amount of my rent and monthly living expenses every couple of weeks. I even saved up enough money to pay off some student loans, buy a new car and some decadent furniture.

I stopped it fairly soon after saving enough money. I only have a few semesters left to go, and I’m pretty set as long as I’m conservative and smart with the money I have left over. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to being a sugar baby, but it was certainly a pleasant way to make cash and I don’t regret it at all. It’s nice to be secure until I find an opening in my career field, and I sort of think of it as a summer job. And I really think of the men I met as special people in my lives that I was able to make a difference for – they certainly made a difference in my life. I’m sure my future relationships will be the same as they’ve always been, and I’ll always stay the role of a sugar baby. It’s funny that I was a sugar baby even before the coined term. It was fun to try it out from a professional standpoint, but I know that I’d rather play that role for someone my age – romance wise.

“She’s All I Ever Wanted.”

26 years old, living in a 600 square-footage studio apartment with four other roommates, playing nightly gigs at the local bar for tip money – that’s where I sat almost 18 months ago. I’m not complaining though. It was enough for me. I had friends that I lived with who all pretty much made the same minuscule amount of money I brought home each week. I lived on instant ramen noodles and TV-dinner pot pies (when they were on sale), and a keg if we ever had enough money to scrap together and spare. I was counting on the fact that I’d have my day in the recording studio, that I’d somehow catch the ear of some hot-shot talent manger. But until that day, I was just spending my days writing songs on my guitar and practicing with my band on weekends to prepare for our nightly slot in front of a crowd of 30 – on a good night. It wasn’t until I got drunk with my friends on a camping trip in the peak of winter, passed out sleeveless on a bed of snow, and had to have my right arm amputated for frost bite, that I came to a sobering realization. Without that arm, I would never be able to become the rock star I’d always dreamed of. There were famous rockers that were able to play their instruments with a physical handicap, and remained remarkably and insanely top notch. But not me. Maybe I could’ve if I tried, but my willpower was drained after that.


My friends were sympathetic for a while, until they got tired of having to pull my weight in groceries and rent. They kept pushing me to get a job and finding me one in their places of work as a pizza delivery boy, an over-the-phone customer representative, and more. But I never had the motivation to work for them. So I got my thirty days notice to vacate, and started looking for a job and apartment needed in less than four weeks. My friend, Jeanine, had talked about this sugar dating service she was into, and that she’d made more money in a week than she could ever at a minimum wage job. I looked it up online, and immediately started posting profiles at every sugar dating site I could find.

In no time at all, women were calling me up, connecting with me online, and asking me out to brunch. I went on a lot of dates. And unlike most other jobs, my handicap wasn’t an issue. Many of the women thought my missing arm was fascinating and adorable at the same time. A lot of women felt sorry for me, and it helped me in the dollar department in that respect. My family probably wouldn’t have approved of this alternative job, and my guy friends wouldn’t understand because they weren’t in the same position. So it was nice that I could act as if I was going out on a job interview, when really I was going out on a date, which I guess was almost the same thing but more fun. Soon, I was making more than enough money to stay in a comfortable apartment and eat more than ramen every night with the amount of money I got just to go to dinner with some of these older gals. Some were all wound up and business oriented, just wanting to enjoy a martini while they take a load off of work. Some were tired-looking and needed a make-out session to spice up their week. Some were escaping their lifeless and extremely dull marriages, a night at a time, with me. One lady said that what she liked the most about me was that I made her laugh and forget her troubles. Another lady said that she wanted more than just friendship, and that it was okay to have multiple girlfriends, as long as I always made time for her.

So, I started using that as a condition of my contractual obligations – not that there were really any written contracts to have signed, just mutual agreements since we’d both invested our time in the site. I started telling people up front that I was a relationship man, and I liked having girlfriends, not just chatting buddies, and that I had multiple – if that was a problem, than we probably shouldn’t meet in the first place. I still had lots of business. I had all sorts of girlfriends of all ages – older than me of course, but there was a range. I had an on-going steady relationship with seven. My days of the week were pretty jam packed with secret getaways and private phone calls and fun, exciting activities that I got to be paid for and the best part – no one knew.

One of the girlfriends though, turned out to be something more than just a romance fling. She’s 46, blonde and tan, and wears designer perfume and Valentino everywhere we go. Lovely woman's thighsShe’s a lead editor at a wealthy publishing company, and she owns a really beautiful apartment – the whole 32nd floor, to be exact. She’s shy and always takes a bit of coaxing to get her to come out of her shell. But she also has a side that is wild and free-spirited that she only reveals for me. She doesn’t pay as much as some of the other chicks, but she’s a lot of fun to be with and I feel very close to her. You can tell she used to be gorgeous as a young lady, but years of working her butt off and sucking up to executives of the company has shown its’ toll on her face and body. One night, we stayed up until sunrise and talked about everything and anything. I found that we have so much in common and a lot of her upbringing was similar to mine. I realized that she’s all I ever wanted. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, and after that night I cut ties with all of my other girlfriends and quit business as a sugar baby.

I proposed to her on a romantic vacation on the beaches of Thailand, and we’ve been married for only a few months now, but I know it’s forever. Without sugar dating, I may never have been able to connect with her, and known what true love had in store for me.

Like and Unlike Any Other Life

It’s clear that sugar dating has always been a lucrative market for fellow babies, but that it’s just now becoming defined as a market and the employee title as babies. Sugar babies will always have the demand required to stay afloat as earners, just as sugar daddies and mommies will always have eager youths to keep them company. Sugar babies have all sorts of reasons for starting, stopping and continuing this type of work, and the job description varies for each of them. Sugar dating has been around for a very long time, and is just now starting to gain more societal acceptance now that its terms are more freely discussed. It’s a lifestyle that offers benefits, requires work, and can lead to other opportunities, just like any other lifestyle.