Sugar Baby Lifestyle Stories

Sugar Baby Lifestyles – Intimate Details From A Sugar Baby

His name was Craig. I literally bumped into him after coming out of a nail salon while neglecting to watch where I was walking. I would’ve hit the ground, but he was there to catch me. As I noticed his handsome duds and flashy cuff links, and he noticed that I had curves in all the right places, a gorgeous 2015 blue convertible Lamborghini Gallardo screeched up barely missing the french tips of my freshly pedicured feet. He handed the valet driver a crisp twenty and swung his keys around on his finger as he looked at me. At the same time that he was undressing me with his eyes and I was imagining the feel of the leather in his Lamborghini, a horn honked abruptly and loudly, prying me away from my thoughts. It was my boyfriend – a sugar daddy to trip over in his own day, before his company went down. Now he was half a million cheaper, trading in some of his prized merchandise for less expensive models – except for me that is. I still get taken care of like the high-maintenance arm candy I am, but he can hardly afford it. I’d been looking for someone new, and now I’d found him. But I couldn’t just leave Derrick – I made a commitment to him, so I had to at least honor the decency of distancing myself from him in a professional and considerable manner. So I left this mystery man, giving him a look that he wouldn’t forget – a look that said he was soon to be mine. He smirked and turned to leave.


Sugar Baby – Getting To Know Each Other

girl-smiling5A few weeks later, we had another “coincidental” meeting in front of the nail salon that neighbored the smashing hotel he was exiting. No attraction had changed; the only thing different was that I was newly single and – unemployed. We gravitated from shaking hands, to a flirty lunch across the street, to the opulent confines of his giant penthouse suite next door. I tasted the citrusy smoke emitting from the orange-liquor flavored cigar he was enjoying in wake of our first intimate encounter together. Just as I was thinking how I could definitely deal with the smell of his cigars in this big mound of plushy sheets, I told him I’d been dying to take a spin his lovely blue Lamborghini. He smiled and shot me a sideway glance, took one last puff on his cigar, and suggested that I join him for a shower before taking a ride. I agreed as I became wet at the thought of his warm leather seats against my skin.


After he dropped me off at my apartment, his engine roared away, and I couldn’t stop thinking about him and his darling car. The next day he asked me out to brunch, but this time he pulled up in a 2012 red convertible Ferrari F430 Spider that was so shiny, I could see the contours of my abs in it. When I asked him where the Lamborghini was, he simply said, “This is my casual-day-out ride.” I could hear the smooth rise in speed as he shifted gears, and I noticed that it wasn’t an automatic like the Lamborghini. “You know how to ride one of these things?” He asked slyly with a smirk that said he thought he already knew my answer.


“Yes, actually.” I had experience with these types of cars – and men, for that matter. “And that’s not all I know how to ride.” I added in a whisper, seductively grazing his right ear lobe with hot shortness of breath. His surprised drop of a jaw slowly curled back into a heavily lopsided grin that was far from the poker face he normally carries. I knew what fantasies were dropping into his mind like musical bombs from my lips. After a drive soaking up the sun, we arrived at his suite for a few pre-party cocktails – except the party was for two, and I brought the fun. In the bedroom, daylight still pouring in over his cream colored sheets, I showed off my own brand of stick-shifting skills for him to delight in.

Then and Now

That was three months ago and I couldn’t be happier than I was on our first date. Something is different about this sugar daddy though. I’m not sure if it was the 75 dollar sliders at Fleur in Vegas, the 700-something bottle of ’95 Krug, Clos Du Mesnil we enjoyed glass after glass, the crisp iron of his black Calvin Klein suits, or the way his eyes moved up my inner thighs as I spread my legs apart. It may have been the private screenings of movies at glamorous theaters, or the endless pairs of Manolo Blahniks I was given to indulge in my shoe fetish. Point is, somewhere in-between the divine dining, lavish drinks, priority third-party treatment, frivolous spending and grand stone floors of numerous high-end venues – I fell in love. I fell for the lifestyle and the luxury that the rewards of this job provide. But most of all – I fell in love with his desire.


I fell in love with the way his eyes burn into mine as my legs are wrapped tight around his waist; the way his slightly parted lips only close when he swallows as a reflex to his salivation; the way his grip around my waist tightens and his breath becomes heavily rapid as the pace quickens and he is reaching a climax; and the way he exhales and licks his lips as I slow down just before he bursts. I fell in love with the way his member swells up with the same shade of scarlet pink as his cheeks when it gets hard.

passionI fell in love with the way he could turn the pointed mountains of my chest into stiff peaks, and then explore them with the tip of his tongue, the brush of his kiss, and the way he devoured them momentarily, making me stifle a gasp and invite him deeper in below. I fell in love with the way he’d remove my fingers from my lips so gently, and said that “my moan was so sexy.” I fell in love with every vibration his body made when he shuddered from ejaculation. Anything I did – stripping my silk robes to reveal the lace bras and sting-bikini thongs he’d buy me, or lining my lips with a pink satin M.A.C. stick so that I could stain his with the shimmery matte color, or the way I’d rock commando in public and flash him a sneak peek with alternating crossed legs underneath skin-tight thigh-high dresses – made him blush, smile and pretend to look away so cutely. I knew what he was thinking when he looked at me, touched me, talked to me….and I became addicted to his desire for me.


Sugar Daddy Dating – True Story

Burnt-Out Blues Are A Thing Of The Past

There’s no disputing the fact that there isn’t a shortage of criticism for sugar daddy and baby arrangements. A well-off older man/woman trading money in exchange for the companionship of a financially struggling but attractive young adult – has sparked a whirlwind of controversy amongst the many faces of sexism, feminism, and college grads/undergrads. Some even belittling it so much as to call it “sickening” and “an excuse for prostitution” and “desperate” attempts for finding fast cash while discarding personal moral values. But that’s not what Susie (not her real name), 22-year old junior and native of Colorado believes. Susie is a full-time student, and all though federal student loans pay for a good portion of her tuition and academic expenses, Susie says that “it’s still just, not enough.” Susie cringes at the idea of a full-time job along with her studies; she says that even her two former part-time jobs (one as a receptionist for a real estate company, and the other as a hostess at a pub) barely got her by on rent, food and car insurance.

Nine months ago, she was living month-to-month, scraping together money from her meager pay checks and portioning out her student money ever conservatively in the slight chance that she be laid off or lose her job for some reason in the future. “After losing my full-time job at a local ‘mom-and-pop’ packaging service because they refused to work with my new semester’s schedule, I had to make sure that I secured two jobs in case the company all of a sudden, turned on me. After I had already given them so much time and compromised an A in one of my courses for a B because I’d really tried pleasing them to keep my job, they still had the nerve to let me go. I couldn’t risk that scenario happening again.” So Susie got her jobs to accommodate her busy academic schedule, as a receptionist during her days off, and a hostess late at nights after school, until early morning before school.

banners6Succumbing To The Need For Speed

Finding time to study in-between was near impossible. It was just as hard to stay awake in classes and finish homework between shifts as it was in her full-time job, but at least she wasn’t going to have the added stress of paying her bills on time on top of a busy study schedule. At first, Susie didn’t even know about this sugar dating service. She instead, resorted to other alternatives that were a threat to her health. Taking uppers like speed, daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day, just to finish homework, or study for an exam, or even to stay awake during class or a shift. “If I tried coming off of them, I’d crash in front of my keyboard for hours, oversleeping and missing class or being late for a shift.” Susie recalls. “And if I ever managed to have a free day because school was cancelled, I’d be waning of these pills, and the crash was just awful. I’d become really agitated and moody, and I’d have fits with everyone I knew. I lost friends and made severe gaps between family members, because I couldn’t control my rage.” It didn’t stop at threatening her social life – soon her professional life was starting to crumble from it. “Having an outburst over the phone with a client from the real estate company, I again, lost another job, and was going to be on high stress levels whilst job hunting.”

bieyes-photobooth-728x90-E&M-pinkSomething Different – Daddy Dating

Susie was tired of the same scathing jobs and the same uncertainty that comes with every typical ‘9-5’ type of work. She was searching for something different, some outlet that provided big bucks without requiring she kill herself with lack of sleep, abundance of stress, compromising grades and succumbing to artificial stimulants for the sake of her schooling. She knew she didn’t have it in her to put all her chickens in one basket on some 1-in-a-millioninth chance talent competition, or creating something ingenious that someone else would want to invest in. Besides, those were dreams better saved for people who actually worked towards those, and still sacrifice a life for that one shining moment on America’s Got Talent or Shark Tank. No, Susie would have to try something she never considered until now – becoming a sugar baby.


While on her unyielding Google search, she came across an article about college women who were in her same position and willing to give their time to someone who could provide them with a convenient lifestyle and foot their bill for tuition. She admits that she was hesitant and a little judgmental, initially, at the thought of sex with men who would pay up for such attentiveness. But then she thought of the unfair hands she’d been dealt – here she was, a hard-working girl with ambition and inspiration to become something and do something with her life, and yet, she was in the same boat as many of her co-workers who never attended college, struggling to afford an aged car, an apartment in a complex notorious for bed bugs and manager special’s on expired food from the local deli. She had done her best to balance her life out and remain loyal to jobs, but still she had to resort to illegal means of abusing street prescription drugs and tearing up her social life just to hold on to her academic and basic survival. It was intolerable. iStock_000018768319SmallAnd with that conclusion, Susie decided that her world didn’t have to be this hard, and that being paid to be someone’s friend was something she could do for herself, to give her the deserving break she desperately needed. So when people call sugar daddy dating services “desperate” Susie agrees, and says “yeah, I was desperate, and my moral compass [told me] that this was a much more legit way to earn money and maintain good grades than pour over some illegal ‘limitless-wannabe’ miracle drug that made me feel like s***” referring to the recent movie with Bradley Cooper.

A Happy Ending

Susie says that in her experience with being a sugar baby, she has found more interesting conversation and sincere listeners in the sugar daddies she meets than she ever has in her entire dating repertoire. The guys she met in school were always so caught up in themselves, and what they wanted. “They never bothered to make a real connection, and they were as financially unstable as I was, so they could never take me out on the dates I get to go on with the men I’ve found now.” And many of the men, Susie reveals, aren’t looking for sex, but actual compatibility and friendship. Susie says that she no longer has to have unnatural mood swings that affect every other relationship in her life, and that she no longer works unrelenting hours and can actually find time to sleep and study without worrying about where her next paycheck will come from. “I talk to them and get to know their upbringing, and own struggles and triumphs, and obsess about my own, all while enjoying a lavish cup of coffee at some posh restaurant after lunch.” Susie says that she will also not have to worry about debt after she graduates, because her newest squeeze has continued to pay her loans off bit by bit, and that makes the job search after graduation, a whole lot brighter. She likes to think of it as work actually worth the money it pays, for a change.

There are thousands of girls out there that are vying to keep their head above water. But the truth is, that struggle to work while in school is old news. With this sugar dating service, there is finally opportunity for young women to find their way in life and focus on making an impact on the world, rather than following the status quo that prohibits any young adult to make a difference in the world because their busy fretting about their financial strains. With the recent rise in student loans and a seemingly never ending pool of debt that so many college grads seem to be diving into, why should this legit alternative to earning money be anything but another respectable way to earn money? Women working in contact centers to cocktail waitresses working two or more jobs, and now a stress-free job description as a sugar baby is the new dating fad – and we’re all ready to pounce on the idea? Maybe we should open our eyes to what financial burdens have been placed on our society for us to have evolved into this new trend, and many of those criticizers would consider the employment for what it truly is – just another job opportunity in light of a poor economy.

In Part 3, there will be another success story compilation of sugar baby males and sugar mommies, a sugar baby female with other struggles and sugar daddy (focusing on discrete benefits of such dating service), and how she’ll continue it after school is over.

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Sugar Dating – What Are You Really Looking for?

Just What You’re Looking For

There are a number of different relationships in today’s society. Some are socially acceptable and others are frowned upon. There are ‘friends with benefits’ or ‘dating but not committed’ and ‘exclusive’. Then, there’s a type of relationship that has recently become defined and continues to gain popularity – ‘mutually beneficial relationship’.  A term coined by the expanding site, Seeking Arrangement, focuses on assisting the pairing of people who each value something that the other can provide.  passionA ‘Sugar Baby’ is a female over 18 (including college girls, wild girls, single moms, out of work girls, college girls who cannot find work but have lots of bills) who enjoys luxurious gifts and financial generosity in a companion.  A ‘Sugar Daddy/Mommy’ is a financially secure and empowered person who enjoys good conversation and companionship, and is willing to splurge extravagantly for this on the right person. The two parties fulfill one another’s needs in a cordial exchange, which is what ‘mutually beneficial dating’ is all about.

There are plenty of sites out there with the same purpose as Seeking Arrangement. Some encourage accepting dates based on the highest bid (which teeters on the verge of prostitution) and others allow you to search by salary (which is tattooed with a more shallow intention). But Seeking Arrangement doesn’t permit either traits, and none have the sincere quality of understanding that this site does. They screen every submitted profile for acceptance before allowing access to the site’s features, double-checking photos for promiscuity and stats drenched with ill-placed intentions. In fact, infamous media icon, Farrah Abraham, claimed that she made her sex tape after a sugar dating service turned her down twice, according to Zimbio! Brandon Wade, CEO of Seeking Arrangement, commented on this claim, revealing that they did encounter her “more than once” but that they knew she wasn’t looking for a “lasting mutually beneficial arrangement.”

On top of this, they frequently filter through their profiles, deleting upwards of 200 fake accounts each day. In addition to this statistic, according to New York Daily News correspondent, Rheana Murray, Wade clarifies that these deletions aren’t based on little white lies pertaining to your age or exaggerations about your appearance. Fraudulent accounts belong to “scammers” who rely on your “trust [and} sympathy” in order to make money. Wade conducted a research study called “Face of Fraud” that identifies several characteristics most fake profiles have in common. Interestingly, its findings unveil that women and foreigners are more likely to stage this scam than men and Americans. By making people aware of these commonalities between foe-profiles, it will help other dating sites enhance the quality of its members. It’s this kind of genuine consideration for their subscribers that keeps this service at the top of sugar dating sites.


College and Beyond Sugar Babies

What kinds of people are intrigued to become branded a ‘Sugar Baby’, you might ask. It may surprise some onlookers to find that college students are one of the biggest consumers this title caters to. Cheerful girl dances in a disco club.Stephanie Goldberg for CNN, stated that “female college students [make] up 44% of the site’s total users” as of 2012. She also goes on to reveal that ‘Sugar Daddies’ pay around 3,000 bucks on a regular basis to young women for their companionship. An article on lists ‘the top 15 ‘Sugar Daddy’ colleges’ in America right now. On that list, Pennsylvania, Florida and Georgia schools appear twice, with Temple University ranking second. Everywhere across America, from Arizona to Wisconsin, from Texas to Alabama, from Michigan to Ohio, are schools with girls that are banking in on this new fad. But the highest ranking school with the most ‘Sugar Babies’ is New York University, with a tuition rate climbing to a whopping 60,000 dollars.  However, many college girls would rather have a sugar daddy than stand endless hours as a cashier, hostess, waitress or work for free as an intern.  Some college girls surveyed are just tired of dating college boys who are more interested in computer games than girls.  iStock_000018768319SmallOther girls want to “try on” dating older guys who know how to treat a girl inside and outside of the bedroom.  Still other girls want to “step out” of their relationship and “go out” more often than their relationship or marriage provides. And, there is an increasing number of sugar mommies who want to have their own sugar baby females.

And it’s not just in the U.S.; this propensity has had a wide-spread affect on countries across the world. According to an article on ZDF TV in Germany, there are two types of ladies who joined the search for a ‘Sugar Daddy’ because of their need to be without academic debt whilst on job hunting. One type feels that it is simply work, a duty, and a means of getting by. This type feels akin to the shame of a common prostitute, but the convenience of having her fees paid off quickly is worth it – even at the cost of an emotional struggle rather than a financial one. The other type feels content in a jointed relationship such as this one. This type enjoys providing conversation, companionship and receiving grand meals and monetary aid. They see it as an average understanding. They’re both doing it for the same reasons, but their attitude makes for significantly contrasting experiences.



Nude Naked Young Woman with Bow on WhiteSome people are completely antagonistic to this type of ideal arrangement, as you can imagine, because they see it as somewhat of an egocentric, desperate and immoral excuse for dating. CNBC’s Jane Wells published an article on May 2nd of this year (can’t afford college? Let a sugar daddy pay) containing a dozen snide comments criticizing young women that succumb to these drastic measures. She sarcastically belittles the site’s agenda and underscores seemingly ridiculous ideas within their blog, such as sugar babies upholding their standards when searching for a sugar daddy. And then there’s the comparison of outright prostitution, and how this arrangement manages to stay legal. Goldberg addresses this issue as well, reporting that most people using the site are “savvy enough not to broadcast online whether their trading sex for cash.” She also includes the fact that the arrangements can appear more romantic than illegal, after interviewing a New Jersey Attorney. This makes sense in light of the number of innocent dating sites with different services available today, like eHarmony and

Feminists cry outrage at the idea, claiming that this type of arrangement reaffirms the typical belief that women are subservient to men in power and money, and there for need male dominance in order to survive – a societal norm that started dying off over sixty years ago. But others apart of the site are on the defense in support of these relationships, denying a sexist streak overshadows the site and reminding that both men and women are welcomed on either side of the playing field. Founders of these types of sites also argue that there are some men who are just compelled to be supportive of young women. iStock_000006746894XSmall-bikiniWade divulges that these arrangements don’t revolve solely around sex; he also mentions that there are more women struggling “to pay for school [that] get asked out than those who admit they want cash for breast implants” according to Goldberg’s article. Steven Pasternack, founder of says that “a lot of married guys are sugar daddies without them realizing it” and that generally “any guy who wants to impress a woman is a sugar daddy” a quote also included in Goldberg’s findings.


The In-Between

Despite criticism and acclaim toward this type of relationship, there are some people who indulge in this behavior that are neither for it nor against it. Just ask Ariel Black who writes under a pen name for New York magazine, who confesses that while this type of arrangement is emotionally exhausting, it’s also addictive, so she understands why people have a simultaneous distaste and desire for it. She is neither a student nor contemplating breast implants – it simply started with her sickly dog that she cared very much for and started racking up enormously high and impossible veterinary bills. In her article, “How To Find Your Own Sugar Daddy (Like I Did)” Black describes her three tips for finding and landing a sugar daddy while maintaining her sugar baby status. She’s extremely insightful and is brutally honest in the fact that while she doesn’t feel it’s morally wrong, she doesn’t feel that it is a “lifestyle” choice either. She instead leans on the idea that it’s actually just another “adventure” on her “journey.”

girl-on-girlThough there will always be harsh critics of these relationships, there will always be a growing crowd of people who have found something meaningful and valuable to themselves and in others as part of these courtships. Remember that sex doesn’t even have to be part of the equation; some sugar daddies and mommies are just looking for friendship. A lot of the arrangement has to do with the search, and how you find the right one for you. As college students, there will always be something to challenge our principles, and it’s in our best interest to be open-minded about innovative experiences in an ever-evolving society.



Sugar Baby Dating Living The Lifestyle

Living the Lifestyle As A Sugar Baby Dating

iStock_000018701022XSmallThe scenario of wealthier, older men and women dating broke and younger socialites in an agreement of companionship and payment has been around for a long time. The only difference is that it has just recently come out of taboo. This type of relationship used to be somewhat unspoken. It used to be understood through intentions and outward appearances: a man tipping the valet in twenties, and glancing at his dense, gold incrusted watch as he lifts it to a drooped brow beneath designer sun glasses; and the vibrant beauty in the corner café across the street that entices him with her bouncy locks and shapely physique radiating with youth. Then, through ‘casual’ and strategic conversation, it becomes clear what both parties want and what they are willing to give in order to gain it. It’s flirtatious and sexy and informative all rolled into one. But now, there’s more of a cutting-to-the-chase type of approach to this particular dating scene.

Now, there’s an entire slew of websites dedicated to helping you find a suitable match with a defined arrangement. People are much more upfront about their desires – sex appeal or money, and much more frank about their offerings – courting or money. There’s a level of consideration for both people that takes away any fears of rejections, tenseness, or awkwardness in this sort of agreement that the sites have brought out in this type of dating. The following are three sugar babies’ accounts of sugar dating reality.

“I Needed Him, And He Needed Me.”

I was 20, and I’d never been away from home. I had never planned on attending college after graduating high school… in fact I hadn’t really planned on doing a whole lot – at least not then. The last job I held was working cashier at my neighborhood car washing service for ten months before I missed two shifts and couldn’t get anyone to cover them for me, and was fired. I had no goals or ambitions, and had been without a job for several months. I had counted on the fact that I’d eventually find my calling, possibly being chosen out of a crowded mall while America’s Next Top Model was in town for casting (like one of the girls from past seasons was), or getting a ridiculously large sum of money for winning the lotto. But since I never bothered to look up casting dates and locations for a coincidental and slim chance to model and rarely bought lotto tickets, I figured that I wasn’t all that determined to do much of anything for myself. I didn’t really need to think about it either. I had hard working parents that were never home, I grew up in a nice suburban home with all my childhood friends, and I didn’t have that jealous streak in me that pushed me to do better because all my friends were doing big things. I just didn’t have a lot to worry about even with the lack of employment. Sure, my parents were always nagging me and attempting to motivate me to at least work; they never had it in their hearts to really punish me for my laziness.

banners6One weekend day though, while I was pretending to job search online when I was really instant messaging my friend on Facebook, my Mom went to take our dog for a walk. I had always parked my car down the street since our front driveway and garage and side streets were pretty packed daily. And that’s when she saw it – my hammy down 1982 Toyota Camry – the passenger side badly crushed and severely scraped. “It’s still drivable though,” I plead with her. “But I am looking for a job!” I retort. Then it’s a guilt trip unlike anything I’ve faced, and all my mistakes, character flaws, and selfish acts are unveiled in a furious frenzy of name calling and accusations that ends with my booting from home. I stay with friends until I eventually ware out my welcome there as well, mooching off of their families while I struggle to seriously find a job that sticks. But nothing works nor pays enough. I’m a theater attendant for 25 hours weekly here, slaving away at a string of fast food joints there, and then ricocheting off of numerous gas stations and countless retail stores.

This chaotic and unsettling turmoil of varied homes, jobs and unsteady pay checks goes on for a while, until I find myself catching the eye of one brilliantly shiny suit and tie – I mean eye. Interviewing at one of the many restaurants I’ve applied to, a man with bristly facial hair, polished dress shoes and appears to be twice my age, smiles from across the hostess podium. He’s with another guy in a suit that seems to be talking his ear off, and has a very serious and stern look on his face. They are led to a table some ways from me, where the intriguing man is continuously peeking over at me from behind his menu. I blush, flash a small smirk, and then I wait outside after my interview is over, enjoying a cheap fag – one of my many expenses that I indulge in, necessarily, instead of paying rent to my gracious friends’ parents.

Mr. Big Spender finally comes out, sees his colleague into a taxi, and walks leisurely over to me. Flirty small talk turns into coffee which turns in several lunch dates which soon turns into me moving in to his master suite hotels with him and traveling all year-long to exotic locales and European villas. I stroked his ego a lot and made him feel as special as he made me feel. I tended to his every emotional desire and put up with his moody episodes. I needed him just as much as he needed me. But his job finally settled him in Michigan, where we moved in the dead of winter. When he confessed that there would be no more traveling for his work for a very long time now, I told him that I needed that adventure in my life and that I’d have to find it somewhere else. He was very understanding and knew that the relationship couldn’t last long. He did, however, make several attempts to persuade me to stay, showering me with gifts and lingerie and telling me that he’d always take care of me. But I told him cold weather just wasn’t for me, and all though we cared for each other very much, it was time I moved on. I had found my calling card. I was going to be a professional sugar baby.

woman on beach working on laptop against the seaI set up a profile on several sugar dating sites and formed my own set of rules, restricting myself to one sugar daddy at a time, devoting myself wholly and completely to that one special guy until breaking it off for new horizons. That was the only moral issue I had with the idea – that I couldn’t be with several daddies at once because I liked the idea of living with each one. They are my boyfriends and my work. And I’ve found an interest in painting while on vacation with my recent hunk. He thinks he could sell one of my portraits it to an interested gallery. I may have a future there, but in the meantime…

I don’t know if I’ll ever stop being in the sugar baby business. Maybe I would consider it if I found that one guy that outshines all the rest in his brains and bank account. But I know that if it weren’t for sugar dating, I’m not sure I’d be where I am today, sunning in California without a care in the world – except for my lunch date with Mr. Right Now, who’s my only concern. A job that I can enjoy happy hour every day at noon, conversing with the CEO of a fortune-500 company, loosening his nerves and relaxing my own – that’s the kind of work I enjoy.

bieyes-photobooth-728x90-E&M-pink“I Was A Sugar Baby, Before I Understood Term.”

I’ve always been bright. Top of my graduating high school class, scholarship to my state college, and straight-A student, and living off of student loans, yet I still manage to maintain a wonderful lifestyle. When I was a teenager, I was super popular with all the boys. I always had a boyfriend. And all my boyfriends knew that I was fairly high-maintenance. Even though I came from a very low-income household, living with my Aunt and Uncle, I always had this personality for expensive taste. I liked to be pampered and I never paid for meals or dates. I always got the heavier gifts for holidays on the cash-o-meter, because I could never afford the same for them. It never seemed to bug anyone. At least anyone I was with. I always focused more on my studies rather than working. Right out of high school, I moved in with my boyfriend at the time, into our own apartment. He was working two jobs and skipped on college. But things didn’t work out, and I was looking for a job for the first time to help support myself.

I found a really neat dating site where men were willing to pay me for my time. I found a couple of guys that I really liked. One was a partner in a law firm who knew lots about negotiating and the importance of networking. One was a nerdy engineer who was about the youngest of the bunch, but still older than me, who loved a lot of the same scientific and math topics I did. And one was a much older man who could’ve been old enough to be my great-grandfather who had been a farmer and owned a small ranch in the country, when he’d hit it big in the lottery and became a mega millionaire overnight. They were all so sweet and I’d have three-hour long dinners with them, go to movies, accompany them to business events and country clubs, and sometimes just talk on the phone for hours – when I wasn’t doing my homework, of course. But that’s it. There was no solidifying a relationship. There was no talk or mention of sex. There was no assumption of physical affairs. It was friendship, and I got paid to be a part of it. Between the three of them, I made upwards of 7,000 dollars a month! Neither of them knew the other existed, so I pretty much got paid triple the amount of my rent and monthly living expenses every couple of weeks. I even saved up enough money to pay off some student loans, buy a new car and some decadent furniture.

I stopped it fairly soon after saving enough money. I only have a few semesters left to go, and I’m pretty set as long as I’m conservative and smart with the money I have left over. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to being a sugar baby, but it was certainly a pleasant way to make cash and I don’t regret it at all. It’s nice to be secure until I find an opening in my career field, and I sort of think of it as a summer job. And I really think of the men I met as special people in my lives that I was able to make a difference for – they certainly made a difference in my life. I’m sure my future relationships will be the same as they’ve always been, and I’ll always stay the role of a sugar baby. It’s funny that I was a sugar baby even before the coined term. It was fun to try it out from a professional standpoint, but I know that I’d rather play that role for someone my age – romance wise.

“She’s All I Ever Wanted.”

26 years old, living in a 600 square-footage studio apartment with four other roommates, playing nightly gigs at the local bar for tip money – that’s where I sat almost 18 months ago. I’m not complaining though. It was enough for me. I had friends that I lived with who all pretty much made the same minuscule amount of money I brought home each week. I lived on instant ramen noodles and TV-dinner pot pies (when they were on sale), and a keg if we ever had enough money to scrap together and spare. I was counting on the fact that I’d have my day in the recording studio, that I’d somehow catch the ear of some hot-shot talent manger. But until that day, I was just spending my days writing songs on my guitar and practicing with my band on weekends to prepare for our nightly slot in front of a crowd of 30 – on a good night. It wasn’t until I got drunk with my friends on a camping trip in the peak of winter, passed out sleeveless on a bed of snow, and had to have my right arm amputated for frost bite, that I came to a sobering realization. Without that arm, I would never be able to become the rock star I’d always dreamed of. There were famous rockers that were able to play their instruments with a physical handicap, and remained remarkably and insanely top notch. But not me. Maybe I could’ve if I tried, but my willpower was drained after that.


My friends were sympathetic for a while, until they got tired of having to pull my weight in groceries and rent. They kept pushing me to get a job and finding me one in their places of work as a pizza delivery boy, an over-the-phone customer representative, and more. But I never had the motivation to work for them. So I got my thirty days notice to vacate, and started looking for a job and apartment needed in less than four weeks. My friend, Jeanine, had talked about this sugar dating service she was into, and that she’d made more money in a week than she could ever at a minimum wage job. I looked it up online, and immediately started posting profiles at every sugar dating site I could find.

In no time at all, women were calling me up, connecting with me online, and asking me out to brunch. I went on a lot of dates. And unlike most other jobs, my handicap wasn’t an issue. Many of the women thought my missing arm was fascinating and adorable at the same time. A lot of women felt sorry for me, and it helped me in the dollar department in that respect. My family probably wouldn’t have approved of this alternative job, and my guy friends wouldn’t understand because they weren’t in the same position. So it was nice that I could act as if I was going out on a job interview, when really I was going out on a date, which I guess was almost the same thing but more fun. Soon, I was making more than enough money to stay in a comfortable apartment and eat more than ramen every night with the amount of money I got just to go to dinner with some of these older gals. Some were all wound up and business oriented, just wanting to enjoy a martini while they take a load off of work. Some were tired-looking and needed a make-out session to spice up their week. Some were escaping their lifeless and extremely dull marriages, a night at a time, with me. One lady said that what she liked the most about me was that I made her laugh and forget her troubles. Another lady said that she wanted more than just friendship, and that it was okay to have multiple girlfriends, as long as I always made time for her.

So, I started using that as a condition of my contractual obligations – not that there were really any written contracts to have signed, just mutual agreements since we’d both invested our time in the site. I started telling people up front that I was a relationship man, and I liked having girlfriends, not just chatting buddies, and that I had multiple – if that was a problem, than we probably shouldn’t meet in the first place. I still had lots of business. I had all sorts of girlfriends of all ages – older than me of course, but there was a range. I had an on-going steady relationship with seven. My days of the week were pretty jam packed with secret getaways and private phone calls and fun, exciting activities that I got to be paid for and the best part – no one knew.

One of the girlfriends though, turned out to be something more than just a romance fling. She’s 46, blonde and tan, and wears designer perfume and Valentino everywhere we go. Lovely woman's thighsShe’s a lead editor at a wealthy publishing company, and she owns a really beautiful apartment – the whole 32nd floor, to be exact. She’s shy and always takes a bit of coaxing to get her to come out of her shell. But she also has a side that is wild and free-spirited that she only reveals for me. She doesn’t pay as much as some of the other chicks, but she’s a lot of fun to be with and I feel very close to her. You can tell she used to be gorgeous as a young lady, but years of working her butt off and sucking up to executives of the company has shown its’ toll on her face and body. One night, we stayed up until sunrise and talked about everything and anything. I found that we have so much in common and a lot of her upbringing was similar to mine. I realized that she’s all I ever wanted. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, and after that night I cut ties with all of my other girlfriends and quit business as a sugar baby.

I proposed to her on a romantic vacation on the beaches of Thailand, and we’ve been married for only a few months now, but I know it’s forever. Without sugar dating, I may never have been able to connect with her, and known what true love had in store for me.

Like and Unlike Any Other Life

It’s clear that sugar dating has always been a lucrative market for fellow babies, but that it’s just now becoming defined as a market and the employee title as babies. Sugar babies will always have the demand required to stay afloat as earners, just as sugar daddies and mommies will always have eager youths to keep them company. Sugar babies have all sorts of reasons for starting, stopping and continuing this type of work, and the job description varies for each of them. Sugar dating has been around for a very long time, and is just now starting to gain more societal acceptance now that its terms are more freely discussed. It’s a lifestyle that offers benefits, requires work, and can lead to other opportunities, just like any other lifestyle.



Sugar Baby Living the Lifestyle Story

Becoming a Sugar Baby

Sitting at the dining room table, her legs outstretched, feet resting on the chair opposite her, Erin spun the maroon colored contents of her glass with the circular motion of her wrist. Smoke rose from a porcelain ashtray just a few inches from her elbow. A stack of junk mail and magazine ads for Ulta sat splayed across the middle of the table, with a pink rectangular four-by-four piece of card stock sitting on top of the pile. Erin’s blotchy red eyes crept up from her white cotton gown, the ends drooping low on the floor, to the stack in the middle of the table. The words flashed bold and black, once again: FINAL NOTICE BEFORE SHUT DOWN. She started to read the text that followed: we have not yet received payment for your electricity bill of $132.05. We will be discontinuing service as of 7/13/09. This is your final notice before – and Erin shut her eyes tight to keep from reading the rest.

Turning her head away from the stack, she lifted the lit cigarette from the tray to her lips, and took a long, deep inhalation off it. Blowing out the smoke, she took another sip of wine from her tall cheap kitchen glassware. Peeling open her eyes, she started to tear up once again. It had been four months since she had been able to pay her own utility bills. Since then she’d had help from close friends. But they didn’t exactly have money to spare, and soon they could no longer front the cash she so desperately needed. This week’s check had been just enough money to cover her rent, along with the money she had saved from her previous paycheck. She bought Parliaments and a jug of eleven-dollar cabernet in order to keep her company throughout the night.   She promised herself that it would only be a few weeks until she got her financial situation under control. That was over a month ago.

Now her electricity was soon to turn off by midnight. Her water was next, she was sure. She just hadn’t received the little ominous envelope in the mail yet. Erin looked warily at the little neon numbers of the clock on her microwave, and haphazardly pulled herself up to pour another glassful from the quickly waning jug on the counter. She was going to drown her sorrows in this last hour of light, and hopefully pass out before resorting to the need of matches and candles. Erin didn’t succumb to a lot of tragic means that many people did in her situation. She didn’t do drugs or have a lewd job description. In fact, she came from a very middle class family with religious values and beliefs; she did well in school and had many aspirations for her life. But fate wouldn’t have it, and she followed the footprints of a life that challenged her abstinence-minded upbringing. She struggled to keep afloat in an ever obscure world, where bills were an obstacle month-to-month, and life seemed to be a lasting uphill battle. Then, rent spiked, new financial obligations grew and the simple things in life seemed to get increasingly expensive. She thought she put the toughest time of her life behind her with two full-time jobs and restored hope… but now look where she was. All that turmoil and triumph, and yet, this is where she stood.

It was now 11:43, and Erin had just lit up another cigarette. Gulping down the last of her wine, the jug empty, Erin dragged her feet to the couch. She felt so tired, like she’d been working a twelve-hour shift. But in reality, she’d had the day off. She tried selling some of her furniture online, with no bites. She tried following up on applications for some freelance house cleaning work with no results. Today she smoked almost two packs of Parliaments and drank an entire jug of wine, and lights seemed to flicker out as she began fading away into sleep.

Just A Decent Guy

Waking up with a thumping vibration behind her eyes and forehead, and light beaming in from between the blinds, Erin awoke to a stark reality.  She went to start some coffee, but as she messed with the button looking for a green light, she realized that, as of last night, there would be no more fresh coffee available. She grabbed her pack of cigs, but instantly recognized the hallow weight of the empty box. She shook it and opened it as if something would magically appear there, then tossed it aside, the tobacco shavings scattering from it. Erin reluctantly hauled herself to the shower and continued to get ready for work.

She had a good hour before she had to be to work, so she checked her email to see if anyone had inquired about the furniture she had put up for sale. To her surprise, there was one email from a guy interested in buying her dining room table, and he wanted to see it today. She immediately responded and asked if he could come to see it this morning before she went to work. He agreed and half an hour later, there was a knock on her door. Erin opened the door to a short and stout man with a wide face, arms and belly. He had a cherubic glow and smile, and a pleasantly warm feeling about him. After a few minutes of viewing the table, Nathan agreed to buy it.

“How much were you asking for, again?” He asked as he pulled his wallet out from his back pocket.


“Twenty for this!” His eyes widened in surprise.

“Well, what’s your best offer?” Erin hesitated to say.

“Oh, twenty’s more than fine. I just thought you’d be asking a lot more for it. I mean it’s beautiful craftsmanship.” He said running his fingers across the top of it. “Where’d you say you got it?”

“It was my grandfather’s. He built it himself. He left it to me in his will.” She said with a tinge of despair that couldn’t go unnoticed.

“Why in the world are you selling it then? You should keep this!”

Erin simply looked away and was silent for a moment. “So will you take it or not.” She finally uttered.

Nathan saw the desperateness in her face, and then his eyes caught the pink shade of the card in the corner of her kitchen counter. Erin caught his eye, and rushed to block his view. The last thing she needed was for some stranger to feel sorry for her. He looked away as if he didn’t see anything. Then, he put his wallet back into his pocket, and slipped out his checkbook from the inside of his jacket lining.

“Oh, I can’t accept checks.” Erin said, thinking to herself that he was going to try and scam her out of twenty bucks and her table.

“You take this and when it clears, then I’ll come and pick up the table. I can’t pick it up myself anyway, I’ll need another guy here to help me.” He lied.

Erin found it hard to believe that this guy, as short as he may be, lacked the muscle to pick this table up himself. But she accepted nonetheless. He didn’t hand her the written out check until just before he left, making arrangements to be back in 2-3 days. When Erin looked down at the check, she saw that he had given her a 300 dollar check! She thought that he wasn’t serious about buying it then, and that she most likely, would never see him again.

Arriving at work ten minutes before, she glanced across the street at the bank. She decided to go cash it instead of depositing it straight into her bank, so she could confirm straight away that he wasn’t serious. But the transaction was smooth, and she got her money right away. She couldn’t believe it. She thought for sure that he had either not had enough money to clear it in the first place, or that he’d cancelled it right after. But he’d consciously and purposely given her fifteen times as much money as what she was asking for. Her elation was somewhat stunted by a guilty feeling that she shouldn’t be accepting of this. It was far too much, and she didn’t like the idea of being a charity case. After work however, she had a change of heart, and decided that he was trying to be a decent guy and just give her a bit of help. So she deposited the money into her account and started paying off bills straight away that night. Even with the late fees she had racked up on top of her utility bills and car insurance, she was able to cover all but her cell phone.

A Cosmic Orgasm

Two days later, she called Nathan from work to thank him and see when he’d come by to pick up the table. But Nathan didn’t answer. He didn’t answer the two calls that followed, nor the next day or the next. She worried that he may not know it was her since she hadn’t used her cell phone to contact him. But a week later she got her paycheck, and finally was able to use her cell phone.

“Oh, I really thought that table was worth much more than twenty dollars. I’m sorry I haven’t been by though. It’s just been hectic at work. I’ll be by tonight.”

But when he came over, he was in a nicely ironed dress shirt and pants, and holding a bouquet of roses in his hand. “You’re still in your dress clothes. I hope they don’t get dirty when moving it,” Was the first thing out of her mouth. She remained clueless until she realized that there was no one there to help him move it like he said there’d be, and she noticed the flowers in his hand.

“To be honest, Erin, I don’t want the table anymore.”

“But I already spent the money! I don’t have any way of refunding your money!” She panicked.

“That’s okay, I don’t want it back. I just want to take you to dinner.” He held out the roses to her.

Erin, dressed in her sweats and t-shirt, hesitated to go. But she looked at the flowers to his eager face, remembering the generosity he had showed, and accepted. “Ok, that would be nice. Come on in, let me just get changed real quick.” She hurriedly slipped into some elegant evening wear, and dabbled on some makeup. He told her she looked beautiful, and they went to a Red Lobster downtown.

Erin never ate at restaurants like that, and the appetizers alone were enough to choke her up. She’d spend that much on food for two days in her own budget. Over dinner and martinis, she found that Nathan was eighteen years her senior, and that at 24 and 42, they couldn’t be further apart in their life’s experiences. She told him about the battle with her kid over her financial situation. He told her about his struggle to find a decent woman. That night, a few too many drinks and a libido that she hadn’t been able to un-kink for quite some time now, got the best of her – she brought him back to her place where he filled her thrust after thrust in air thick with euphoric sensation. Even through her heavy buzz, she wondered if she would’ve gone through life never experiencing sex like this because of solely basing consideration upon physical attraction.

As she poured two mugs of coffee the next morning, all she could think of was how fantastic their sexual experience was last night. Even as they casually sat across the dining room table, swapping news feeds and current events, her mind kept flashing to scenes of him holding her legs up high over her head, and coming in at her from impossible angles. She wondered if he was as pleased with it as she was, when in fact, he was replaying similar scenes in his head. He thought about the sexy mole on her back, as she slid up and down with him between her thighs, her back bending forward and leaning back against his chest. He smirked a little when he remembered the slippery wetness dripping from inside her down his leg as she arched her back to have him enter the curve of her pelvis. They both had a lot of fun in that night, but they understood without speaking it, that it was a one-night type of thing. They hardly knew each other anyhow. But they continued to get to know each other, minus the sex part.

More Than Friends

Sexy fashion model posingThe week that followed was full of daily texts and phone conversations, casual lunches and rented movies at his place. He helped her get back on her feet by “loaning” her money for rent, bills and stocking her fridge. But he never accepted any of the small payments she attempted to reimburse him with. Her parents, who were completely void of the situation, wondered how she was able to get her life back in order without keeling over from the third extra job she claimed she was working at.  They continued their mild flirtation and friendly affair, until Erin started having deeper feelings for him and his kindness. Sooner rather than later, their friendship blossomed into a relationship.

They had spent so much time together, that it was only natural that they began a romantic chapter. Erin was entirely thankful for his presence in her life, not because of his financial assistance, but because he brought the best out in her. He made her feel secure and see the positive sides of any sticky situation. His generous spending was only a perk of the many amazing times they shared together. He was like the lighthouse that led her to shore in her dark and stormy travels through a turbulent sea.